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The only time when we seemingly appear patriotic cannot be when there is an India-Pakistan Cricket Match on TV.

What is the Chennai Tricolor Initiative?

We are citizens of the City of Chennai,
coming together of our own free will, bound by a pledge and making a commitment
to step up if and when the city and country would require of our service - both in everyday life and in extra ordinary times.

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Why this Initiative?

In the Year 1947, a great experiment was started. India was reborn with a new identity and dreams bigger than before. She rose from the ashes – fearless, vibrant, and full of hope and promise, geared for a new start.

To represent freedom and democracy in its truest form – one that wouldn't enslave or rely on conquests, one that would see everyone as equal yet grow into a self-sustained nation with its share to offer, to the world that it stood part of. No other country in the history of civilization had done this before, mind you.

In the 70 years since then, we have succeeded in achieving some of those dreams, but many others have been all but broken. And many have lost faith in this journey, but there are some who still believe.

We stand at a crossroad where we can decide where we are headed. We were at one such juncture back in the mid 60s, and yet again at the early turn of the century.

With the whole world facing a crisis of confidence in different magnitudes, with each of us questioning our systems and our very own identity it is imperative that we choose a side; to believe in what we set out to do and as one nation, come together, put our hands to the mill and bring it to fruition, or not.

To decide to move forward would mean that we also acknowledge that democracy has three pillars — the government that represents the will of the people, the armed forces that keep us safe, and we the people who act in the best interests of our nation. We cannot neglect the roles that we ought to take - even though for years we have pretended like it wasn’t our responsibility. It is.

Somethings will have to change, if we have to move forward towards this greater vision.

Come the set day, when the flag unfurls in Chennai's Marina, crowdfunded, owned and hoisted by the people of Chennai in the true sense of democratic ownership, may we believe once again in the great promise under which this country was formed. And let the flag that flutters in the winds of the land, carry that hope to everyone who is a part of it.

If you too believe, join us.

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The spirit of Chennai that was on display during the Chennai Floods was a sign that there is a strong sense of kindredness and humanity that is very well and alive in this city. With this effort, we are hoping that we would instill a symbol of that spirit that doesn't come out only during floods and disasters but will stay alive as the flag that flutters in the winds of Chennai.

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